We offer super fun, full-body workout classes that are only 45-minutes long. We always have high tempo fun music going to keep you moving, but most importantly you have a personal trainer coaching and encouraging you from start to finish. We limit class size to 12 people so you get the attention of the trainer you deserve.

We change the workouts daily to keep you from getting bored and to challenge your muscles in a new way.

With such a unique and high-energy class your 45-minute workout feels like 25-minutes.

Not only are you going to get results, but you will make a few new friends as well.



Our work out specializes in fat loss and toning all your muscles. We use heart rate monitors to ensure you get the most fat-burning possible every minute you are in class while providing a safe work out as well.


Because of the small class size, our trainers can modify exercises to your exact skill level. We can challenge beginners and advanced clients in a fun safe environment that can not be matched by large group classes offered by other gyms.

We're offering a new member special: 2 weeks for only $29 + a free mask!

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