Why Is Collagen Important

Jul 14, 2020


Why Is Collagen Important
If you’ve listened to many television commercials for beauty products, you’ve probably heard the word collagen being tossed around liberally. That’s because it’s one of the components that help keep your skin supple, stretchy and wrinkle free. However, other parts of the body suffer as collagen begins to diminish. It can cause weakening of the connective tissues and affect joints and ligaments. That can cause pain that affects you every time you exercise.

Boost your weight loss with collagen.
Taking a collagen powder can boost your intake of protein by providing as much as 18 grams. One inexpensive source of collagen is bone broth, which has become quite popular recently. However, collagen powders can also be mixed with meals. Several studies show that you’ll be more satisified when you eat collagen laden can leave you feeling fuller for hours, compared to other protein additives, like soy or wheat. It actually can lead to reducing your food intake by as much as 20 percent at lunch.

Perform better in the gym when you have adequate collagen.
You don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of collagen in the gym. Collagen can help reduce some of the damage that can occur to muscle tissue. It also can help boost recovery if an injury occurs. Collagen contains many amino acids, such as arginine, which helps boost your athletic performance, while also aiding in recovery and restoring or maintaining muscle mass. You’ll have a better workout and a faster recovery time when you eat foods high in collagen.

Get rid of creaky bones and joints by boosting your collagen.
If you can’t move without feeling aches and pains, start considering foods higher in collagen. Collagen helps you move more easily by providing that extra glide that helps them swiftly move without pain. It’s even proven effective in the treatment of joint pain, osteoarthritis and many other painful disorders. One study at the Harvard Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston showed that a supplement of collagen aiding in relieving the pain from rheumatoid arthritis and improved sleep, movement and other daily activities.

Collagen can help a number of digestive problems from irritable bowel to leaky gut and Crohn’s. It even can help acid reflux and ulcerative colitis.
Collagen contains eight out of the nine essential amino acids. It contains glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. The combination of proteins found in collagen cannot be found anywhere else.
Collagen is important to hair and nail growth. To strengthen both, consume more collagen.
Bone broth is one of the best source of collagen, but other nutrients can give your body a boost to produce more. Berries, fruits and vegetables can provide the vitamins to give your collagen a boost.