Is A Longer Workout Better Than A Short One

Jul 14, 2020


Is A Longer Workout Better Than A Short One
There’s a good case to be made for the longer workout and also a compelling one for a short one. Among personal trainers in Kansas City, I’ve heard both sides. I’m personally a fan of both, but then, I like any type of exercise. They both should be based on programs that vary and keep your interest with all types of fitness included, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. There’s no reason to stick to just one type of workout. Here at Synergy Fitness, our 45 minute program is on the short side, but not as short as some of the ten minute programs you hear about!

Any an hour or more should be considered long.
If you’re starting out or attempting to take your workout to the next level, working out for an hour to an hour and a half isn’t outrageous. The extra time allows you to not only learn each move perfectly, but also to execute multiple times to make sure you have the form correct. Longer sessions don’t require the participant to work at top speed or raise their heartrate the maximum levels for any length of time. They have the luxury of working the person toward fatigue at a more controlled rate.

Short workout require a lot of effort in a shorter time frame.
One study of 27 men was completed by a McMaster University professor of kinesiology. The 27 men lived sedentary lives before the study. He had three groups, one first warmed up, then exercised at moderate effort 50-minutes on a stationary bike, followed by a five minute cool down. The second, the control group, continued to remain sedentary. The third group was given a much shorter session. They first pedaled the bike at low intensity for two minutes, followed by a 20 second all out pedaling session and then back to low intensity for three sets. They ended the session with a three minute cool down. It was extremely close, but those that pedaled 50 minutes did a tiny bit better on health indicators after 12 weeks. The ones that had no change? Of course, it was the guys who were still sedentary. There is no magic way to wish yourself fit.

The style and length of time you workout depends on you.
While there’s a lot to be said for both types of workouts, if you only have time for shorter ones throughout the day, then they’re the best. That’s because you actually exercise. There are sample workouts that use the HIIT principal that you can do several times throughout the day. If you like a less strenuous workout that doesn’t push your heart to its maximum safe levels, go with a longer workout.

Some people combine both long and short workouts, using the longer ones when they have time.
One advantage of shorter workouts is that it gets you moving several times a day, if you choose the multiple workout technique. Sitting for long periods without much movement is detrimental to your health, even if you exercise regularly.
If you do shorter workouts, make it a point to increase your activity throughout the day. Take the stairs, park further from the store or walk, rather than drive to a friend’s house.
Our training is the middle of the road in length, not as short as 10 to 20 minute workouts, but definitely not qualifying as a long workout.