Does Cardio Burn Belly Fat

Jul 14, 2020


Does Cardio Burn Belly Fat
One of the cruelest types of fat is belly fat, People see it immediately, it’s tough to hide. I puffs out in front of you like a peacock spreading its tail. It’s also intensely hard to get eradicate. Everyone wants a quick fix to abdominal fat. They want sit-ups and ab exercises to take care of it. It’s just not that easy. Even though cardio workouts help to reduce belly fat, you have to make other lifestyle changes, too.

There are two types of belly fat, subcutaneous or fat just under the skin and visceral—fat under the abdominal wall.
Both types of fat contribute to belly fat. The difference is that subcutaneous fat can be pinched. Visceral fat can’t because of its location. It also more dangerous to your health. According to some research, visceral fat produces chemicals that cause inflammation and it also releases fatty acids. They can get into your blood and create health problems. It also crowds important organs. While subcutaneous fat isn’t easy to lose, visceral fat is even harder to lose.

HIIT—high intensity interval training, weight lifting and cardio help eliminate abdominal fat.
Any type of exercise program will help get rid of belly fat, even spot reducing exercises. The problem with spot reducing exercises is that they don’t reduce just the spot you work out. They simply burn calories. The extra calories burned cause the loss of fat all over your body, not just your belly. Spot exercises, such as leg lifts, may build the muscles of the abdomen, but not take away the fat. While you may have abs as tough as nails, if you’re overweight, nobody will be able to see them ripple because they’ll be hidden by fat.

You have to eat healthier and avoid some types of food and drink.
Eating healthier will help you lose fat all over your body. If you avoid processed foods and focus on whole foods, it takes off weight quicker especially when combined with exercise. You can’t out exercise bad eating habits. When it comes to visceral fat, trans fats, processed food, chips and other snacks, fried foods and alcohol should be on your “no” list and fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and healthy fat on your “yes” list.

Hormone changes can cause the accumulation of visceral fat.
Ironically, one study showed that people who drank diet cola developed more visceral fat than those that didn’t. While its low in calories, it’s still doing something bad to your body.
Cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, has been associated with the development of belly fat.
Getting adequate sleep is important to everyone, but particularly important to anyone trying to lose weight around the middle. Studies show that too much or too little sleep can be a factor in developing belly fat.