We’ll show you how to lose weight safely and permanently.  It’s Time to Lose the Weight for Good… If you’re like our other members, you’ve tried it all.   Yo-yo dieting, joining a big box gym only to see negligible results, buying the latest workout contraption only to find it’s a joke… we know how you feel and that’s why we’re 100% different than anything you’ve tried before.

Before I tell you what makes us different, let me tell you about myself.  My name is Chris Spears and I created Synergy Fitness Studio 6 years ago.   But the story does not start there.   I became a personal trainer 12 years ago after going through my own life-changing weight loss experience.  I can relate to exactly how you feel.

When I was 30 years old I went to work for a large corporation where I spent most of my time at a desk. I was in pretty good shape and at a good weight going in, but after just 2 years there I started gaining weight like never before. I put on 40lbs over a 2 year period and was heavier then I had ever been. Not only was I heavier but my blood pressure, cholesterol, and all health makers went from good to bad.

My doctor wanted me to start taking prescriptions. I was having severe back pain, my whole body felt like I was 64, not the 34 that I was. I have to be honest and say I was depressed as well. I didn’t really want to go out that much, the little social life I had was mostly work-related and I just had lost my zest for life. Finally, I hit my rock bottom and knew I had to start eating right, drinking less, and exercising regularly. 

At age 35 I noticed the weight did not fly off me like it did in my early 20s. It took hard consistent work, but within several months I was feeling great. I looked fit and was stronger then I had ever been. I had energy, a positive outlook on life and was ready to take on the world again. So at age 37, I did some soul searching on what career I can change to so I could help others. That is when I became a Personal Trainer. 

Now at 49 I still feel young and I continue to stay in great shape.  I have learned our lives are a reflection of our daily actions. If you want a new life, a better life you have to change your daily actions. I have spent 12 years perfecting the program we offer you now at Synergy Fitness Studio. My passion is making Synergy Fitness Studio the best Small Group Training studio in the country. If you need your mojo back I can help. 

(Pic on the left is me now, pic on the right was 17 years ago at age 32 and 40lbs overweight)


So what makes Synergy Fitness Studio different?   We use heart rate monitored workouts to ensure your safety and to give you your best workout result.  When you get your heart rate in the correct zone you will not only maximize your calorie burn during your workout but continue to burn calories for up 48hrs after your workout.  This is called the Afterburn. 

There is no other exercise method the revs up your metabolism after the workout is over.  All our workouts are based on the latest science to ensure you get the most out of your every exercise minute.  

Here is a workout summary report that you get after every workout:

Technology is just part of what makes us different.

The coaching you receive is the other difference.  

There are a lot of group workout classes out there that will help you burn calories, but too many crowd 20 to 40 people in a class, and then your trainer just becomes a cheerleader and is no longer a coach.  

Why does that matter?   If you perform your exercises with the incorrect form you raise your risk of injury and will not get the results you are wanting.   Every exercise has a progression you must do it correctly to obtain the result you want.  For example, if you do perform a squat but only go 1/3 the way down you will just be working your quads (front of the legs), but you if perform a full squat you will also work your butt, and hamstrings (back of the legs).   When people do partial squats for a long period of time it can cause knee problems, and you will never develop those shapely legs and butt you want.  

This is exactly why we limit our class size to 12 people so the trainer can coach you through the proper form for the best results every time you come to class.  It is the most important thing a trainer can do to ensure you get the results you want and you stay safe doing it.  

It also creates a fun environment where most people know each other in class and we enjoy each other’s company while we workout.   This makes your 45-minute workout fly by.  

Sometimes we have fun outside of class as well.

Our workout also makes us different.  Do you get bored easily with your workout?  We change our workouts daily and we have a variety of equipment and exercises to choose from that most group exercise programs cannot match.  We keep you and your muscles guessing every time you come in.  Plus our 45-minute workout combines a full body and cardio workout into one.  3 45 minute workouts a week is all you need to succeed with us.      

Another big reason that makes us different is flexible workout times.  Imagine you get off work one day at 5 and your gym’s class starts at 6.  You have to wait before you can workout.   But with our flexible scheduling, you can come straight after work and get started right away.   You will almost be done working out before your other gyms are starting their class at 6.   The same thing happens in the mornings, if you are like me you want to get every minute of rest you can possibly have. 

Let’s say you need to be done with your workout by 7:30 am to make it work out on time.  So you have to go to the 6 am class at your other gym.  At ours, you could sleep another 30 to 45 minutes and come at 6:45 am and maximize your sleep which only helps you work out better.  We understand you have a busy life and limited time for the gym so we make our program as flexible as possible.  Our clients love it.  

And let’s cover one last thing that makes us different, it’s the trainers.  At so many places you might have half a dozen trainers you see from time to time.  

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