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“I feel stronger and more confident than ever before.”

Synergy has an amazing workout format. The seven stations work on different muscle targets and use a variety of gym equipment. Both Chris and Michael are great trainers who help you reach your goals. They continue to push you each workout and help you succeed.

Since joining Synergy Fitness Studio, I have lost 10 lbs. I feel stronger and more confident than ever before. Each workout has different challenges to complete, which pushes me even further. I absolutely love exercising at synergy, it’s the best 45-minute workout in Kansas City! Thank you Chris!

~ Anne Perry

“I have lost a total of 29lbs, and have maintained quite well.”

I have been working out at Synergy Fitness since July 2017, and I couldn’t be happier I found them. When I started, I was at the heaviest I had ever been. I’d been spinning my wheels the last year and couldn’t get a routine that worked. I began my journey working out four days a week, it was tough, and I wasn’t very strong.

Chris and Michael were encouraging and helpful by modifying the more challenging exercises I was not able to do, always checking in on my meal plans and celebrating any amount of success whether it was losing inches or simply that I continued to show up.

I have lost a total of 29lbs, and have maintained quite well. I am burning about 200 more calories a workout, since I started, and I am able to do almost every exercise because of the strength I have gained.

Best part about it all, I am still able to go out, drink the drinks, eat the eats, and enjoy life with simple adjustments. The hardest part of it all was getting started, make that first step and you will not fail here at Synergy!

~ Ashley Davis

“Stronger, more energy, and even look forward to going to the gym.”

My biggest struggle with working out was finding a consistent time during the day several days a week. I also needed to find a program that challenged me every time.

I didn’t feel very happy with my body and often had low energy. As a teacher and mother, this definitely affected my daily life.

With the Synergy workouts, I am able to work out 4 times a week, before work. I feel stronger than I ever have and my energy level has increased significantly! Making these workouts part of my daily life is the key, and now I even look forward to going to the gym!

~ Nicki Salido

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