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Synergy Fitness Studio creates fun and effective training plans to ensure you hit your goal.  Every client is unique and at Synergy Fitness Studio, our commitment is to you. Synergy Fitness Studio offers 45-minute small group personal training high-intensity workouts that change daily. It only takes 3 to 4 workouts per week.  Our workouts are built to fit in your busy schedule and our top-notch personal trainers design and coach workouts for maximum results. We analyze your progress with comprehensive evaluations so you know exactly how our core, cardio, and strength training workouts are improving your health.


Real People. Real Results.

Steve Sopyla

“I was overweight, out of shape, and a little nervous on my first visit to Synergy Fitness Studio. I didn’t belong to a gym and hadn’t worked out consistently in years. After walking in, I quickly realized there is nothing at all intimidating about this place.”

Anne Hunt

“The format at Synergy Fitness is fantastic. Chris does an outstanding job of creating the exercises for the 7 stations for the workout. Just when you think you cannot do one more here comes Chris to cheer you on.”

John Keeling

“Synergy Fitness is an important part of my healthy, balanced lifestyle. A year ago, I was able to lose 10-12 lbs with diet and exercise and have been able to keep it off with disciplined attendance at Synergy.”

Caroline Chang

“Chris has a great personality and I really enjoy the time I spend there. With work and two kids at home, I love the fact that I can get an amazing workout in 45 minutes!”


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Synergy Fitness Studio 4233 Roanoke Rd, Ste 200 Kansas City, MO 64111


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